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Wants a job and knows just how to get hired

This week we have a new girl named Duang. She is 19 years old and was found by one of our lovely and loyal Mamasans. Duang is new to Pattaya and before today, has never set foot inside a GoGo bar. I try to make the new girls as comfortable as possible so they'll choose to work at our establishment. Remember these girls are young and nervous and although they need money, they can be easily scared away. That's why I try to break them in nice and slow to get them over their fear of fucking a foreign stranger. One they've had my cock deep inside them, they're hungry for more. And the more cock they take, the more money they make. Hey, I might make our new bar slogan! So after Duang got completely naked, I had her dance on stage to show me her moves. She danced quite nice and with her petite frame I think will make some of our loyal customers really happy. When Duang was finished dancing I invited her over to my desk to taste my rock hard cock. Her oral technique was satisfying as she seemed determined to want to please me. Then, without protection, I entered Duang's sweet wet pussy and plunged into her deeply until I blasted my entire seed inside her. Sometimes you got to break em in bareback so they understand the full experience. My strategy worked because Duang is on stage tonight.

Date Added: August 20, 2017


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