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Needing a break from the GoGo scene I found myself wandering the main drag of Nahklua Beach. There are a few beer bars still in existence, so I decided to stop by for a drink and contribute to a struggling venue. Although beer bars are old as Pattaya, there are still young brilliant gems to be found. Cheap beer, cheap billiards, and cheaper bar fines have my name written all over it. Tola immediately caught my eye while she was playing pool with some old Farang. She was smoking his ass from game to game and the poor chap eventually put his tail between his legs and headed home. I quickly went in for the challenge and laid on the table if I win you bar fine FREE and go with me. She laughed and asked what she would get if she won. I said "2000 baht" and she smiled and said, "I'll break". Being around easy women all my life, I know a thing about whores and hustling. The more I drink, the better I play. The more they drink, the safer it is to lose. So after I made a few intentional misses, Tola sank the 8 ball in the side pocket. Well if I'm gonna be out 2000 baht, then Tola is going to make something extra in the short time. Sure enough back in the room, Tola gave me a full video of her sucking me hard and taking my cock bareback into her teen cunt. A few positions of unprotected fucking later, I sank my load deep into Tola's corner pocket!

Date Added: February 23, 2015


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