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Beach Road has never been more brilliant! If you start at say Pattaya Klang (which is the central road) and begin walking down the beach towards Walking street, you will encounter hundreds of beautiful women. Some dolled up like pretty girls, while others are scantily clad. Some are in groups, while others are standing all alone. I find those the most approachable as they are willing to negotiate better knowing their friends aren't judging them. Many of these freelancers are part-time so you can easily find some diamonds in the rough. At about Soi 8 (which was only 50 meters from where I started), I found a lean-mean-fucking-machine named Pensri. At first, I thought she was a Kathoey because she had the body of a boy. But upon further inspection, I realized she was all women. And to my surprise, her fake looking tits were all natural. Pensri and I hopped on my motorbike and headed back to my room. When we arrived, Pensri wasted no time. She immediately began sucking my cock with skillful precision. She was definitely horny and once she satisfied her oral craving, she climbed aboard and sank my condom-less cock deep inside her wet pussy...Bareback! Beach girls are naughty sluts. I had the nicest pair of tits flopping in my face with the wettest pussy bouncing on my cock. I fucked Pensri's rock'n body all over the short time room until finally climaxing deep inside her silky vagina. That was the best 700 baht I ever spent.

Date Added: April 12, 2015


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