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Doesn't know what just happened but she's hired

Welcome to AUDITIONS GoGo Bar. We're settling in to our new home and while the bar is still under construction, we've decided to start our casting for dancers now. Our first interview is with an 18 year old girl named Elle. She is from one of the Issan provinces and had arrived here in Pattaya looking for any job that will pay above average wages. Although the bar won't be open until next week, Elle was willing to be interviewed today for the chance of new employment. Elle was short with a little body. She didn't know how to be sexy and when I asked her to dance she sucked at that as well. I had no choice but to ask if she could demonstrate a blowjob to see if she had any qualities at all. And just like magic, her animal instincts kicked in and Elle's young mouth began sucking on my cock through my trouser's zipper. It was a decent blowjob, and I would have hired her right there, but I figured I should feel her pussy before I made my final decision. Elle parted her legs and allowed my foreign cock to enter her pussy without protection. My excitement got the best of me and within a minute of doggie-style I blasted my spunk right into her 18 year old cunt. I think I'll offer her a job.

Date Added: July 18, 2016


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