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I came to the office early today because I have meetings about expanding the club. The phone is ringing off the hook and I just can't stay in one spot as I have a ton of business to do. I didn't expect any castings today but my mamasan told me she had a last minute call from a 19 year old. Of course I just can't say No, especially when this 19 year old has a body that would make you instantly cum in your pants. Lamay is adorable and she only weights 35 kilos. How would you like to have a 77 lb Thai teenager standing in front of you willing to do whatever necessary it was to get a job at your establishment? I agree, that's why I started this seedy enterprise. Lamay got naked quickly and although I died and went to heaven, my cock stayed behind to finish the interview. Good boy Cock! Lamay danced her little Thai ass on stage and then came down to give me a wonderful blowjob. I then fucked her on the casting couch, the office desk, and back on the sofa where I finished the audition by blasting potent sperm deep inside Lamay's teenage cunt. She is looking to get bar-fined right now.

Date Added: November 12, 2017


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