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You pay bar fines and she see dollar signs

Another day in pussy paradise. I'm back in the office after spending a few days away exploring new territory for a possible third GoGo bar. Don't hold me to anything yet as it's just in it's first phase of discussion. But anyways, while I dream of a GoGo bar trilogy I need to focus on the two already open and operational. My interview today is with a lovely girl named Chantana. I hate calling her a girl because Chantana is actually a woman. She's a sexy woman who has seen many GoGo mirrors and many hotel ceilings, if you know what I mean. Chantana just came back from her province and instead of returning to her popular GoGo bar, she came directly to ours. She's a smart cookie and she knows we're the hottest club in Pattaya and she wants to be part of the action. Of course she needs to prove to me first that she has what it takes. Chantana swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock before swallowing it to the base. She has a beautiful mouth filled with braces that gives her a youthful look, but we know she's all woman. When we fucked it was like to professionals going rounds in the ring. She defeated me in stamina but I gave her the final blow when I KO'd her pussy by delivering a final upper cut of sperm right inside her cunt. She is # 103 on the dance floor right now. Choose her if you want your party to be a blast.

Date Added: March 11, 2018


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