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Once again the bar is packed as we entertain thousands of guest nightly. Our shows are top notch, our whiskey is always stocked, and our girls are eager to keep the party going. My job starts way before we open. Inventory, maintenance, payroll, and of course human resources. Funny name for what I do, isn't it? The newest applicant has a giant clit. Her name is Nongnuch and she's very petite with a giant clit. Her face is cute and she has very big luscious lips .... and a giant clit. I know some of you are really into giant clits so Nongnuch is a rare find and certainly a nice treat. I was eager to interview her but her English was limited which makes the game of charades entertaining. In fact the only English she understood was "remove your clothes" and "suck on this" :-P. No no, I'm nicer than that, but she did in fact 'suck on it' and while she did my head filled with pleasure. Nongnuch has the biggest bulbous lips and the mere sight of them wrapped around the head of my cock brought me near the boiling point. Luckily I held off long enough to dip my stick inside her lovely slick pussy. I fucked Nongnuch's little body until I finished off inside her, then pulling out and watching my potent semen pour out. I hired her immediately and if you come down to the club right now, just look for the girl on stage with the......giant clit!

Date Added: April 22, 2018


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