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Wants to work and provides a demonstration

Managing three GoGo bars is definitely hard work, but the rewards are certainly worth it. Today I had time for only one interview and I'm really happy I scheduled her in. Her name is Tansanee and she's just 20 years old. She has the body of a typical Thai teen. Petite frame, slim waist, and small tits. But turn her around and Tansanee reveals a gorgeous little bubble butt that you could bounce Thai baht coins off. She's the perfect GoGo dancer spec and could fill a vacancy of the front stage dancers you see when you first walk inside the GoGo bar. I call these dancer my "premier dancers". They're not show girls, they're simply the A-List girls who have the right face, body, smile, and most importantly personality that helps persuade customers to take a seat. Premier girls drive the customers in and the welcome staff get the ice cold drinks in your hand with 120 seconds. Yes we got things down to a science here as we want to make sure the customers have the ultimate entertainment experience. That's why GoGo Bar Auditions is #1 in Pattaya and perhaps all of Thailand. And Tansanee wasn't just hired because I needed to fill a spot. She was hired because I got to fill her mouth with my sticky load. I personally interviewed and tested Tansanee's sexual ability hours before you went on stage. I made sure she was willing to fuck and willing to suck and willing to take a semen of a man wherever he wanted to deliver it. So hurry down and let this Premier princess give you the royal treatment.

Date Added: June 3, 2018


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