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To stop being penniless she must go pantiless

Like many of the famous GoGo bars on Walking Street in Pattaya, we stock our bar full of the hottest, most cutest girls around. What makes us stand out is the customer service you receive from our dancers, hostesses, and waitstaff. We strive to bring you the best entertainment that Pattaya can offer and this year we are leading the way. My dedication to the club is 100% and I am here making sure that each and every concern is addressed nightly. I also make sure the girls are top notch. They are clean, tested, and properly trained to ensure maximum service. But in order to achieve this high level of hedonism, I have to personally interview each and every candidate for each position of the GoGo bar. Yes, even the DJ is interviewed and hand picked by me. But it doesn't mean I made the young Thai dude get naked on the chrome pole...lol. No I only audition the girls so they prove to me their bodies are clean, their dance moves are entertaining, and their sexuality is at full peak. You gotta sell it if you want to make money in Pattaya. It's highly competitive and many girls are willing to take their place. Well today's candidate knew this as she was revealing her fully naked body to me. Her name is Mayuree and what was unique to her, was her naturally bald pussy. Never shaved, never waxed, just naturally hairless. Not even some peach fuzz was there. It was just the softest skin imaginable and placed perfectly on the most wonderful part of a woman's body. Can it get any better than that? To not cum inside something so innocent and beautiful would be a crime. Since I don't want to break any laws I did what came natural and unloaded my foreign sperm deep inside Mauyree's perfect bald pussy. She's #72 on stage right now. Come buy her a drink and she'll let you pet her perfect hairless pussy.

Date Added: July 8, 2018


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