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Innocent teen wants to work in the nightlife scene

Another defection taking place today as I audition a young 18 year old showgirl. She worked at the Hell Below GoGo but heard about our club and how well we treat our girls. Her name is Pheung and she's a stunner. If you like them tall and especially lean, then Pheung is a girl who will make you divorce your life and move to Pattaya. Although she was already a showgirl I still wanted her to dance center stage and watch her bare ass work that magic pole. Her performance was spot on, but was a girl this hot willing to fuck? I asked Pheung if she was okay with short time and she nodded yes. I explained that I would need to see how well she could perform sexually and she agreed. Minutes later, my fuck rod was being sucked on by a gorgeous Thai teener. I then positioned Pheung missionary on the office desk. I moved forward and touched the head of my cock to her teen lips. Without mention of a prophylactic, I pushed forward and entered her young cunt bareback. I would be cumming inside this one soon, but first I wanted to fuck her a lot more. Once the presence of pain surfaced upon her face I decided that she had enough and unloaded wave after wave of fertile sperm deep inside Pheung's lovely pussy. Ummm, you're like ~totally~ hired!

Date Added: December 24, 2017


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