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Auditions aGoGo is all about the party. We've established ourselves as the #1 GoGo in Pattaya and with three locations packed each and every night, there is no doubt that we dominate the Red Light District. This means that girls from other bars are constantly defecting and wanting to come and work at our bar. Well this week we have another applicant who is tired of being a Doll and wanted to make real money in a real bar. Meet the beautiful and talented Sanouk which means "fun or happy" in Thai language. She's 21 years ago and she has one hell of a body. Gorgeous face, big natural tits, wide hips, and the softest pussy. She simply needs a GoGo stage all to her self. So when she arrived to the interview, I was praying she would be down for a sample run on the casting couch. Sure enough, the power of employment superseded her limitations and soon this stunning beauty was standing buck naked in front of me. After her sexy dance audition, I summoned Sanouk over and offered her an opportunity to show me her sex skills. She accepted my invitation and wrapped her warm wet mouth around my solid cock. Her blowjob felt so good that I needed to think of "dead puppies" and "baseball" to prevent me from shooting so soon. And then it was time to finally enter her little pink slit. It was so small and nubile. It actually doesn't fit her body type at all. She has baby making hips and this tiny vagina ain't pushing anything larger than an egg out of it. It was actually a struggle to enter her as her vaginal walls were so tight. But when I finally was in to the hilt, it was mind blowing. It didn't take me long to cum and when I did, I shot my entire load inside her beautiful mouth. Sanouk slowly spit my stringy jizz out and let it trickle down her tongue and onto her large breasts. She's in the dressing room right now preparing for tonight's opening stage show. The theme: Banana blowjob with whip cream spit for the climax. Hmmmmm now where do I get these ideas from?

Date Added: July 15, 2018


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