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Comes for an interview and leaves dripping my goo

Now with the opening of our second GoGo, the auditions are becoming more frequent. But even better, we're getting some great looking girls coming over to try us out. Today's applicant is named Sopa and she's just 18 years old. She slipped in her initial introduction by saying she was 18 umm 20, but that's because when they're 18 they lie to be 20 to get into the night clubs. Technically it's illegal to hire her at the GoGo Bar as a nude dancer, but I don't think anyone will complain. I pay my "Tea Money" to provide a plethora of youthful women to entertain our customers each and every night. Sopa will be our newest staff member if she is able to pass the try out. I was already in love with her face, and when she removed her clothes and revealed her body my stomach got Asian butterflies. I needed to be inside this Fab girl immediately so I bent her over the desk and sank my bare cock inside her teen pussy. Minutes later I unleashed an enormous load of semen inside her shaved cunt. It was the biggest creampie I've shot in years and it goes to show how hot this babe is. Sopa is on stage right now and she looks thirsty.

Date Added: December 31, 2017


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