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Big ass with big dreams finds her way to the club

I pride myself in finding the hottest girls I can. And if possible I really try to find 18 year old first timers. The old geezers love them the best. 18 year old girls draw the attention but hardly ever last because some dude will buy them out of the bar and sponsor them for a few years until they find their next 18yr old trophy girl. I try and make it difficult to buy them out. I set the buy out price at 50,000 Thai baht, which basically allows the girl to leave on good terms and pays off her debt to her mamasan for finding her and paying her initial travel to Pattaya. But that's chump change to some men so after a few nights or weeks with a fresh faced dancer, we lose her. Sonya is just 18 and she's destined to be my newest teen showgirl. She has lovely curves with a big fat ass and dark coffee skin. Perhaps I'm an old geezer too because I want nothing more today than to fill her little teen vagina up with my man milk. Sonya's audition went flawless as my naked cock entered her bare wet pussy. The young girls never question authority so bareback sex was simply the norm for a girl her age. I fucked Sonya all around the office and finally delivered my full load of sperm into the depths of her teen vagina. Pharmacy + Day After Pill = Good Mamasan!

Date Added: October 29, 2017


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