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This afternoon I had a sweet tooth so I ventured to the day market off Soi Buakhao to find me some Thai sugar desserts. When I parked my motorbike, a young girl had just gotten off her scooter and quickly caught my eye. My sweet tooth was immediately interrupted by the new urge for pussy. So like the typical manwhore that I am, I followed this young girl into the stalls to see if I could talk to her. When she stopped in front of the makeup tent, I went over to introduce myself. She smiled and told me her name was Cookie. I may get some sugar, after all, I thought to myself. I asked Cookie if I could buy her makeup and accessories for her because I know girls love free items and usually their acceptance is a sign that her body might also be for sale. After the purchase, I walked around with Cookie making small talk until I finally asked if she wanted to fuck me. When she answered "yes" we sped off on our motorbikes back to my room. Cookie is 24 and doesn't have any kids yet. She has a wonderful bald pussy that I just had to give a little lick. And sure enough, she was as sweet as a Thai candy dessert. While on my back, Cookie took my rock hard cock into her mouth and willfully sucked my head, shaft, and balls. Her skills were amazing. Then without any request for a prophylactic, Cookie positioned her dripping wet pussy over my cock and sat right down on it to the hilt. The sensation of her hot pussy working up and down my rigid boner was amazing. The entire experience was so exciting that I could barely hold off from cumming. So after fucking her doggie style, I turned her over on her back and planted my cock inside her folds one last time. Within minutes I felt my balls explode as I began dumping my entire seed deep inside her dripping wet pussy. I should finance a stall at the market for her named "Cookies and Creampies!"

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