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Wow, some hot Anal action with this fresh Thai cutie! Feast your horny little eyes on 19-year-old Gif from Pattaya. I met Gif on walking street after a night of crazy partying. High or sober this girl makes my cock harder than Chinese Algebra. One look at that innocent face and killer body and I knew I would be pounding that pussy. Gif is a Teen Thai temptress who's a bit shy but once you slip your dick in her she opens up...I mean she really opens up. Like her ass totally accepted my cock as I was trying to slip it back into her pussy. Oops, I didn't mean to put it there...but since it's already there...can we continue? No problem at all as I fuck her ass for a while until I pull out and slide back inside her warm wet pussy to unload a fountain of cream.

Sunday June 2
Wants to work and provides a demonstration

Managing three GoGo bars is definitely hard work, but the rewards are certainly worth it. Today I had time for only one interview and I'm really happy I scheduled her in. Her name is Tansanee and she's just 20 years old. She has the body of a typical Thai teen. Petite frame, slim waist, and small tits. But turn her around and Tansanee reveals a gorgeous little bubble butt that you could bounce Thai baht coins off. She's the perfect GoGo dancer spec and could fill a vacancy of the front stage dancers you see when you first walk inside the GoGo bar. I call these dancer my "premier dancers". They're not show girls, they're simply the A-List girls who have the right face, body, smile, and most importantly personality that helps persuade customers to take a seat. Premier girls drive the customers in and the welcome staff get the ice cold drinks in your hand with 120 seconds. Yes we got things down to a science here as we want to make sure the customers have the ultimate entertainment experience. That's why GoGo Bar Auditions is #1 in Pattaya and perhaps all of Thailand. And Tansanee wasn't just hired because I needed to fill a spot. She was hired because I got to fill her mouth with my sticky load. I personally interviewed and tested Tansanee's sexual ability hours before you went on stage. I made sure she was willing to fuck and willing to suck and willing to take a semen of a man wherever he wanted to deliver it. So hurry down and let this Premier princess give you the royal treatment.
Wants to work and provides a demonstration

Monday June 3
Tuesday June 4

Do you ever fantasize about seeing a real Asian slut milk the cum from your cock? Meet 22-year-old Yang from Pattaya. Yang is a very sexually experienced Thai girl who really knows exactly what to do to make a man happy. She immediately goes for my cock and starts her talented sucking before turning around and force feeding my cock into her pussy doggie style. Then she turns around and starts sucking my cock again, licking her juices from my dick. Now I gotta lay down for this and sure enough, my Asian cock sucker follows me to the bed and devours me again. And just when I couldn't take anymore, she climbs up on me reverse cowboy and bounce her perfect ass up n down until I lose my entire load deep inside her pussy as she keeps riding.

Wednesday June 5
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Friday June 7

Oh, My Buddha! Check out 20 yr old Jun with her beautiful dark-skinned body and BIG, dark-nippled titties. Sometimes I amaze even myself. How I can get an Asian girl this hot to fuck on film is beyond my comprehension, but I never question it! Can you say Nom Yai? This girl is a fantasy cum true and I'll tell you why. Halfway through my fuck session with this amazing fuck doll, she looks up from sucking my cock and says "Wanna Fuck Me In My Ass?" I was like, hell yes I do! Turns out, this is the longest video I have ever filmed with any model because it wasn't planned, but I wasn't going to let this Thai goddess slip away until I fucked all three of her holes before finally blasting the biggest load ever deep inside her pussy.

Saturday June 8
Sunday June 9
Will do anything to support her lazy Thai boyfriend

As the club continues to receive world wide recognition, we are constantly working hard to keep all three of our bars filled with the hottest and youngest Thai girls available. The more famous we get, the more customers come and bar fine their fantasy girl and many times they never return. My fee to extract a girl out of her contract is a flat rate of 30,000 baht. Many men are happy to pay it and that leaves me with the dilemma of finding their replacements. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to anyone who find their lover or soulmates in our venue, but the constant turn around requires me to do more interviews. So to keep staff levels in balance, I'm back in the office to meet a new candidate who wants to get hired today. Her name is Songsuda and she's 21 years old. She has a nice wide smile and handled all my questions without hesitation. When she danced on stage she had fun so I knew she would be perfect for the bar. There was just one more thing to test. There would need to be an evaluation of our copulation and how well she received my insemination. Songsuda was no stranger to having loads dumped inside her so she happily received my hot cum in her shaved box. After she wiped my seed from her bald pussy, I told her she landed the job. She's on the far stage right now and she looks thirsty.
Will do anything to support her lazy Thai boyfriend

Monday June 10

This week I was looking for something tiny to drill when I suddenly came across Toy who is a 19 yr old Thai girl. Her name says it all Toy, Fuck Toy....well, My Toy at least for the next 20 minutes or so. Anyway, she didn't live far from where I found her so we strolled back to her apartment so I could get my hands on her little brown ass. She was very shy and had to pull my pud for like 5 minutes before committing to putting it in her mouth. I'm guessing from her motions that it may have been her first time sucking cock. But it didn't matter to me because all I wanted was her to prime the pump so I could fuck her small pussy and unload my seed in it. And that’s exactly what I did, this 19-year-old fuck toy received a massive internal load courtesy of Creampie Thais!

Tuesday June 11
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Thursday June 13

This week's Creampie Thais episode features 20-year-old Visa. What a beauty! Look at that sweet and innocent face. They don't get anymore Asian looking than this week's model. If you like the real authentic Vietnam/Cambodian look, then this sexy 20-year-old bar girl will definitely fulfill your sexual dreams. This horny Thai amateur didn't have much sexual experience, but that made no difference..once my cock was buried in her mouth, I think instincts took over and she knew exactly what to do. Soon after I was fucking her warm tight pussy in various positions until my instincts took over and I unloaded what felt like a gallon of sperm deep inside her unprotected pussy. Ah Visa, your pussy is everywhere my cock wants to be!

Friday June 14
Saturday June 15
Sunday June 16

If I find a cameltoe, you bet your ass I'm filming it. Feast your eyes on 18-year-old Em. Wow, what a pretty little teen pussy. Em is only 18 years old and she has the cutest little bald pussy with the softest lips. Besides having a knockout body, Em has the sexiest cameltoe I've ever seen, She eagerly got undressed, but carefully took my cock into her mouth as if it were the first time. Reaching down I cupped her precious folds and fingered around until I slid into her wet slit. As so as I felt her moisture I knew it was time to give my cock the same sensation and fuck this pretty little girl. I felt like a dirty old man grunting away as I plowed into her tight cunt and knew there was no way I could keep from blasting my ancient jizz into her young innocent womb.

Good girls go to Heaven ~ Bad girls go to Pattaya

The bar closing times are constantly being shifted inside the Kingdom. We of course are able to remain open well past the curfew because of our popularity and of course our tea money. If you ever see some Thai men in the bar, with dress pants and white t-shirts, just smile and nod as they are there to collect. And it's not always money they seek. Men are men throughout the world and our establishment is in the Red Light district of Pattaya which means it's all about sex. But no worries as they are generally in an out before 10pm just as the party gets into full swing. And then we go until we can't go anymore. After all the other bars close, everyone starts piling in to Auditions aGoGo. Many girls from other bars bring in their customers to party here. Then there's the bar hoppers who make us their last stop as they know this is the final destination before the Discotheques take over the night. We happily invite them all and make the most of each and every night. Our newest addition is definitely a party girl. Her name is Kwanjai and she loves to get drunk and get fucked. She's easily one of the best premier girls I have and once you see her dance moves you'll know she's a down and dirty girl. That pretty much wraps up my experience with her in our interview. Kwanjai knew the routine and was happy to give me a bareback sexual experience and knew that if she let me blow my seed all over her pretty face, she'd be hired immediately. She was correct. Kwanjai is a smart girl and you can see her dancing completely naked front and center tonight.
Good girls go to Heaven ~ Bad girls go to Pattaya

Monday June 17
Tuesday June 18
Wednesday June 19

This week's Thai porn video features Thai newcummer, Katie. It's really late one night and I'm gleefully skipping down skippy street when I come across this really cute looking Asian girl. Her name was Katie and she had the slimmest body with the longest legs I'd seen all night. And to her luck, I was just in the mood for some lengthy limbs to wrap around my ass as I fuck a babe. So with a flick of my finger, the deal was done and we headed over to a short time apartment where I got to fuck and fill this sweet young snatch with my huge load. If you've got a thing for the girl next door look, you'll love Katie. How's that Ludacris song go: "a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed" - this is the perfect description for one of Thailand's cutest amateur girls!

Thursday June 20
Friday June 21
Saturday June 22

Look who's back for another Creampie! It's been two years since I had the pleasure of dumping my cum inside Lung's Thai pussy. Well, with a stroke of luck my little Soi short time girl is back for another filling. With age comes a world of sexual experience, and this is something that Lung has plenty of. Lung has been around enough cock in her life to know all the sweet spots. This time she knows exactly what to do, dropping to her knees and sucking my cock for a few minutes using the perfect combination of mouth and hands. After nearly blowing it in her mouth, I pull out and prime her pussy for a pounding. It's to the bed where I fuck her sweet pussy before finally ejaculating my semen into her Thai pussy. Can you say round 3 for horny whore lung??

Sunday June 23
Has no idea why but does what's asked anyway

One of our services girls approached me the other night and asked if she could try dancing one night. I ask why she was interested as her salary was quite good with all the tips she was earning. Her name is Dusadi and she told me that she wanted to find a forefinger husband and she felt the quickest way to get their attention was to show off her cute body and big natural boobs. So after a few moments of consideration, I finally agreed to give her a normal interview in the back office. Dusadi is just 20 years old and she's very shy. I can tell she wants to break out of that shyness but it's very hard for her. So I treated her like I treat all my interviewees and told her to remove her clothes. When she was finally naked, I was highly impressed with her body. She had nice big natural boobs that were more than a handful. Her pussy was already shaved and I didn't want to waste any time getting inside it. I asked Dusadi to show me her dance moves and unfortunately they were nothing special. But, I know she could attract eyes even if she just hugged the pole all night. Titties sell and this girl was sell-able. So after her dance I had Dusadi come over so I could get a squeeze of those nice naturals. She then got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Her BJ skills were sub-par, but that's perfect for the guy looking for an innocent wife so he can train her. It was then time for me to fuck Dusadi raw. She didn't reject as I pushed the head of my cock into her wet hole. I was going to seed this girl with all my sperm. A few grunts later and I flooded her young cunt with a nice thick load of creamy jizz. Come down to the bar and visit Dusadi. She'll serve you a cocktail, and after, service your cock.
Has no idea why but does what's asked anyway

Monday June 24
Tuesday June 25

This week's Creampie Thais episode features Pattaya gogo dancer May. May is a delightful little fuck toy with a small body and a fat pussy. I was wary that she would be too shy or naive to get my creamer juices flowing, but May surprised me with an amazing array of sexual talents. I asked if she liked to "smoke" which is a codeword for Blowjob and her eyes lit up and said "YES!" Uhh, will you marry me?? She wasted no time by dropping to her knees and devouring my cock. The blowjob skills that May possessed were second to none. I then fucked her tight cunt from multiple positions before she finally took over and squatted over me and pumped her pussy like a piston up and down on my rod until I shot my oil deep inside her.

Wednesday June 26
Thursday June 27
Friday June 28

Coming Jun 28, 2019

Like your Asian girls DARK skinned? Then you're going to love this week's Creampie Thais episode. Meet 20-year-old Sow from Pattaya. Thai girls, in general, have a nice olive skin tone which they attentively try to keep as white looking as possible. However, on occasion, you will stumble across a dark-skinned beauty like this week's cum dumpster. Sow is a 20-year-old slut with a round and brown booty that just says BAM, fuck me! So I did. But not before I had Sow get on her knees and give me her patented "tongue twister" blowjob. After nearly blowing it, I pulled out and fucked her some more until I finally filled the inside of her shaved Asian pussy with a hot load of cum. It doesn't matter what color a girl is because it's all pink on the inside. Wise words to live by lol.

Saturday June 29
Sunday June 30
Coyote princess thinks it's just another easy job

Coming Jun 30, 2019

If you come to the bar early we have "Happy Hour" specials. Each day is different as we want to pull customers in early and get the party moving. On Wednesdays, we have two promotions. One is a drink special and the other is a bar fine special. Half off the normal bar fine between 7pm and 10pm. That means for 300 baht you can take the lady of your dreams out of the bar, around the corner to a full-fuck hotel, and make babies for all I care. This means that mid-week I need to schedule a few more girls in the bar early so we can accommodate the Happy Hour. Today I have an interview with a cute 19 year old with a gorgeous face. Her name is Rochana and she looking to get hired immediately. I tend to play hard to get to make them work harder for the job. This way they're willing to do anything to get hired. I asked Rochana to remove her clothes and she did without a hitch. Then I asked her to dance on stage and she did so without a problem. Then I asked her to fuck me and Rochana did so without any questions. Its safe to say that Rochana was hired the moment she said "hello" but I must make sure that she's all smiles in the bedroom otherwise we don't live up to our name. So as Rochana was grinding on my cock, I was deciding where I was going to shoot off my load. Her warm cunt was so tight and wet, but it was her pretty lips and pink tongue that had my attention. I seeded her teen mouth with my milky man load and watched her dribble it all out. Confused and dazed, but....employed! Let's give Rochana a warm welcome to Auditions aGoGo.
Coyote princess thinks it's just another easy job

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