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November 2018
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I think I've found her - the Asian J-Lo! This week's Creampie Thais episode features a Thai girl with booty! 18-year-old Lek is an adorable Asian teen who wants to get married. Barely 18 years only, she creates a video introduction explaining all her domestic skills and her ability to give her future husband sex every day. She hopes that the video will find her a nice old man to take care of her and her family. In the meantime, I test her sucky sucky skills and boom boom abilities and proceed to give her first experience of child conception by filling her pussy with my own cream. With a rotund Asian ass like that, Lek is going to make some man VERY happy one day. But for today, it was my cock that was in pure bliss as it penetrated one of the nicest asses in Thailand!

Sunday November 4
Comes for an audition and leaves with her pride in tact

Today was an unexpected audition. The mamasan said she had a new girl who was just 18 years old and wanted to schedule an interview. Immediately I crossed out all my plans to accommodate her. Unfortunately though, she wasn't down for the program. Yes, her name was Phim and she was nice to talk with and quite pretty. But her attitude wasn't on par and she didn't even want to take off her clothes. Perhaps she didn't understand the objective or she had second thoughts. But she wasted my time today and made me get all excited for nothing. I don't have blue balls today, but I'm definitely disappointed. Never mind though, I won't let one bad apple ruin the bunch. I believe tomorrow I have another audition and I'm convinced it will be much better. This proves that the auditions are real and as the old saying goes, you can't win them all.
Comes for an audition and leaves with her pride in tact

Monday November 5
Tuesday November 6

Feast your eyes on our newest Creampie Thais model: Panida This Thai teen is a 19-year-old Asian nympho who I met at a popular disco club. After dancing for less than a minute, Panida asks if she can come back with me, I respond "only If you let me drop a load in your pussy", to which Panida nodded yes. So off we went to a short time room across the street and I waste no time with small talk. Off with the clothes and in with the cock. After a quick sample of Panida's oral services it was time to pound some pussy, and how sweet a pussy it was! Panida had just moved to Bangkok from up North and got a new tattoo as a symbol of her new life. Before she has a chance to think about it, I leave my load deep inside her DNA dumpster and possibly leave with another 'reminder.'

Wednesday November 7
Thursday November 8
Friday November 9

A Thai girl named Porn 'nuff said. This week's Asian creampie video features 21-year-old Porn. No, you're not seeing things, her name really is PORN. How awesome is that?? I imagine the next girl I creampie will be named Cunt or Twat. Whatever their names are, as long as they have the same desire for cock, then it's all good! So how did I meet this gorgeous Thai teen? Well, Porn works reception at one of the nicer resorts in Pattaya. As I checked in for the night, I see this porcelain face starring submissively up at me. "Will there be anything else you require?" she asks. I smile and ask her to come up in about 20 minutes to bury my cock deep inside her soft bald purple pussy. I leave my calling card in her fertile womb and send her back to work.

Saturday November 10
Sunday November 11
Young dumb and soon to be filled with the boss's cum

I came to the office early today because I have meetings about expanding the club. The phone is ringing off the hook and I just can't stay in one spot as I have a ton of business to do. I didn't expect any castings today but my mamasan told me she had a last minute call from a 19 year old. Of course I just can't say No, especially when this 19 year old has a body that would make you instantly cum in your pants. Lamay is adorable and she only weights 35 kilos. How would you like to have a 77 lb Thai teenager standing in front of you willing to do whatever necessary it was to get a job at your establishment? I agree, that's why I started this seedy enterprise. Lamay got naked quickly and although I died and went to heaven, my cock stayed behind to finish the interview. Good boy Cock! Lamay danced her little Thai ass on stage and then came down to give me a wonderful blowjob. I then fucked her on the casting couch, the office desk, and back on the sofa where I finished the audition by blasting potent sperm deep inside Lamay's teenage cunt. She is looking to get bar-fined right now.
Young dumb and soon to be filled with the boss's cum

Monday November 12

Kitty Kitty! Makes me feel fine! Ok, here's the deal. I just got into Pattaya and Kitty was my first shoot in a while and she was a fucking knockout so I completely forgot how to use my new camera using only the media card and not the DV tape. So there's no audio and quality is shitty too. BUT, the scene is worth showing because she's so cute. Oh, and I shot my load in like a minute because I'm pathetic. Can you blame me? Seriously though, you step off a plane where you've been surrounded by nothing but 300lb American women and how can you not blow your load early with a GORGEOUS 19-year-old Thai Teen with a perfect petite body and silky smooth slit pussy. Ahh Thailand, how I love thee. Kitty from Bangkok is easily one of our cutest models ever, a definite must see!

Tuesday November 13
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Thursday November 15

Hey, this week I met a girl named Toon who is a little shy but has an awesome personality. Her name is short for Cartoon which is another one of those whacky Thai names we all know and love. One of these days I need to set up a threesome with Cartoon and former Creampie Thais model Porn. Anyways 22-year-old Toon definitely knew what to do when I pulled out my cock and it felt so good to have her lips wrapped around my head. This Pattaya street whore was shy with her clothes off, but once we were in the sheets she was an entirely new person. There was little light left in the room from the sun going down so I quickly got my dick buried between her Thai pussy lips and drilled her warm love canal until I finally busted my nut deep inside her.

Friday November 16
Saturday November 17
Sunday November 18

Look who's back! Muk the big titty Thai amateur from Bangkok is back in this never before released bonus scene. Muk has been the overwhelming fan favorite on Creampie Thais, garnering more attention than even Janine! Now you can enjoy the nicest tits in Thailand for the second time. Seriously, are there a nicer set of tits in all of Asia? If there are, I would like to see! Not only is Muk a stunner, but she has that girl next door quality too. You almost just want to stare beautiful frame in the nude instead of fucking. Wait did I just say that?? lol. This is Creampie Thais and Muk did receive her second Creampie courtesy of yours truly. If you've yet to see Muk, you owe it to yourself to see not only the finest set of tits in Thailand but one of the hottest women in Thailand. Period.

Sexy pro dancer is put to the test just like the rest

I've just been informed that a popular GoGo dancing showgirl wants to defect from her declining club to come work at GoGo Bar Auditions. I certainly don't want to make any waves, but our club is the future, and we can certainly use her experience. Besides, those clubs with their over-priced drinks and coyote girls who don't like to bar fine can go fuck themselves. I pride myself in maintaining a bar that still holds true to the very principle that started Pattaya. Cheap drinks and cheaper girls. We pay lots of "Tea Money" to keep our club open late and our girls are always full nude. So it's no question that a smart showgirl would make her way down to us. Meet Nanai, a smart sexy showgirl with lots of energy and the biggest smile on Walking Street. She didn't need any interview, she was hired immediately, but I decided to give her a tryout anyways. Nanai was definitely pro as she sucked on my balls and flicked her tongue up and down my shaft. I was confident this would be a bareback session as I sensed Nanai would do anything to land a spot on center stage tonight. My instinct were correct as I parted Nanai's moist pussy lips apart and slid my raw cock deep inside. We managed to fuck in each position before I finally ejaculated inside of her. Auditioned. Analyzed. Approved.
Sexy pro dancer is put to the test just like the rest

Monday November 19
Tuesday November 20
Wednesday November 21

Coming Nov 21, 2018

Dao is a really young looking Bangkok slut who has a body of a goddess. I met Dao as I was coming out of my daily massage session. I had already gotten my cock stroked by my regular masseuse but Dao was so insistent I take her back and fuck her that I simply couldn't say no. Her nice sized tits and firm ass were built especially for fucking....and maybe baby making!! So I took her to a hotel room and proceeded to boom boom this tender piece of ass all afternoon long until it was time to do my dirty deed and dump my seed inside her sweet teen pussy. 20-year-old Thai fuck kitten Dao had no difficulty sucking my cock until I was ready to blow every last drop in her mouth, but I told her my creamy load had one destination and one destination only: her hairless Asian pussy!

Thursday November 22
Friday November 23
Saturday November 24

Coming Nov 24, 2018

This week's CreampieThais episode features 20 years old. Jutatip. Jutatip is a really cool chick who lives in Pattaya. She has a great smile and loves to give me short time when I need it. Oh, and I need short time A LOT! I've been titty fucking those massive behemoths of breasts for a while now and I finally got her to show them off for the camera. All natural, Jutatip has the kind of fun pillows that could cure insomnia. After calling up Jutatip for a quick blow, I soon found myself wanting to titty fuck her funbags. And soon after that, I got the urge to penetrate her bald Asian pussy with my cock. Impulsive is what I am lol. But hey, it's nice having a girl that has never said the word no in her life. So I pump Jutatip's warm and fertile Asian pussy full of my seed.

Sunday November 25
Young teen squeeze needs to work mister please

Coming Nov 25, 2018

There are different zones in our GoGo to entertain our various guests. We have the main stage where performers show off their nude bodies. We have our bath tub and shower area where the girls do dirty shows for tips. And of course we have our popular foam pad where Thai girls with shaved cunts entertain customers inches away from their face. These girls know how to make old limp dicks feel young again. You can squeeze their ass, fondle their tits, or finger-fuck their hairless pussies if you want. These girls make a ton of money but they're a specific kind of girl who can handle the zone. These girls will trade fisting for Tequila. I'm always looking for new girls who are not shy but most importantly who love tequila. That's the drink of choice for these naughty girls and the more you feed them, the naughtier they get. So today's audition was with a 20 year old girl named Solada. She's got the right body, she loves tequila, but I wasn't sure if she was a dirty girl. Once my cock was buried balls deep inside her unprotected pussy, I knew I had found my next pad girl. I came hard and fast inside Solada and told her to begin working tonight.
Young teen squeeze needs to work mister please

Monday November 26
Tuesday November 27

Coming Nov 27, 2018

Poppy, the 21-year-old cum slut from Bangkok is back for a second helping of sperm. I jumped at the chance to fill her Thai hole as soon as she asked. What can I say about this girl she loves the cock. Poppy, more than any Thai girl I've ever been with, just loves having a cock in every orifice: in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass wherever. Knowing a girl is down for anything sexually is the biggest turn on, and back in the room, I waste no time in poking Poppy's throat with my love stick. The things this girl can do with her mouth is unbelievable. If it were up to her she would blow me until she could suck every last drop of cum out of me, but alas this is CREAMPIE Thais, so there was one destination for my cum and one destination only: Poppy's prime Asian pussy!

Wednesday November 28
Thursday November 29
Friday November 30

Coming Nov 30, 2018

This week's CreampieThais porn video features a familiar face. Remember Jenny? She's the blonde big busted Thai girl from Pattaya who really loves to suck and fuck. Her hair color is now natural, but her sexual appetite is still the same. Seeing Jenny shaking her ass on stage brought back the memories of an awesome Creampie scene and instantly gave me wood. It took me a few seconds to realize I wanted another piece of this prime Thai Ass and motioned over to the mamasan. Barfine paid and off to the short time room for round # 2! This time I really tried to hold back as long as I could, but something about this girl's tight pussy and I just have to unload. But somehow I don't think any of you could last much longer in this 22yr old Thai pussy.

Saturday November 1