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Sunday July 1
Coyote princess thinks it's just another easy job

If you come to the bar early we have "Happy Hour" specials. Each day is different as we want to pull customers in early and get the party moving. On Wednesdays, we have two promotions. One is a drink special and the other is a bar fine special. Half off the normal bar fine between 7pm and 10pm. That means for 300 baht you can take the lady of your dreams out of the bar, around the corner to a full-fuck hotel, and make babies for all I care. This means that mid-week I need to schedule a few more girls in the bar early so we can accommodate the Happy Hour. Today I have an interview with a cute 19 year old with a gorgeous face. Her name is Rochana and she looking to get hired immediately. I tend to play hard to get to make them work harder for the job. This way they're willing to do anything to get hired. I asked Rochana to remove her clothes and she did without a hitch. Then I asked her to dance on stage and she did so without a problem. Then I asked her to fuck me and Rochana did so without any questions. Its safe to say that Rochana was hired the moment she said "hello" but I must make sure that she's all smiles in the bedroom otherwise we don't live up to our name. So as Rochana was grinding on my cock, I was deciding where I was going to shoot off my load. Her warm cunt was so tight and wet, but it was her pretty lips and pink tongue that had my attention. I seeded her teen mouth with my milky man load and watched her dribble it all out. Confused and dazed, but....employed! Let's give Rochana a warm welcome to Auditions aGoGo.
Coyote princess thinks it's just another easy job

Monday July 2
Tuesday July 3

Like your Asian girls DARK skinned? Then you’re going to love this week’s Creampie Thais episode. Meet 20 year old Sow from Pattaya. Thai girls in general have a nice olive skin tone which they attentively try to keep as white looking as possible. However, on occasion you will stumble across a dark skinned beauty like this week's cum dumpster. Sow is a 20 year old slut with a round and brown booty that just says BAM, fuck me! So I did. But not before I had Sow get on her knees and give me her patented “tongue twister” blowjob. After nearly blowing it, I pulled out and fucked her some more until I finally filled the inside of her shaved Asian pussy with a hot load of cum. It doesn't matter what color a girl is because it's all pink on the inside. Wise words to live by lol.

Wednesday July 4
Thursday July 5
Friday July 6

Once in awhile you get lucky and find a girl who isn't the typical Asian bar girl, yet still possess the appetite for sex like your local Go Go slut. Som is 21 years old and is a really smart noodle. She has already graduated college with a degree in something that doesn't make any money and is trying to earn some extra cash to pay for her frequent visits to the shopping mall. I must admit that this girl was one of the best fucks I've had in a long time. You can see in the video how she slowly sucks my cock while twiddling her twat. Her pussy is hairless and my cock eases in smoothly pumping her Asian vagina like there's no tomorrow. I bent her over the table doggie and fucked her cunt until I filled it with so much cum that it dripped out for eternity. Now that's an education!

Saturday July 7
Sunday July 8
To stop being penniless she must go pantiless

Like many of the famous GoGo bars on Walking Street in Pattaya, we stock our bar full of the hottest, most cutest girls around. What makes us stand out is the customer service you receive from our dancers, hostesses, and waitstaff. We strive to bring you the best entertainment that Pattaya can offer and this year we are leading the way. My dedication to the club is 100% and I am here making sure that each and every concern is addressed nightly. I also make sure the girls are top notch. They are clean, tested, and properly trained to ensure maximum service. But in order to achieve this high level of hedonism, I have to personally interview each and every candidate for each position of the GoGo bar. Yes, even the DJ is interviewed and hand picked by me. But it doesn't mean I made the young Thai dude get naked on the chrome pole...lol. No I only audition the girls so they prove to me their bodies are clean, their dance moves are entertaining, and their sexuality is at full peak. You gotta sell it if you want to make money in Pattaya. It's highly competitive and many girls are willing to take their place. Well today's candidate knew this as she was revealing her fully naked body to me. Her name is Mayuree and what was unique to her, was her naturally bald pussy. Never shaved, never waxed, just naturally hairless. Not even some peach fuzz was there. It was just the softest skin imaginable and placed perfectly on the most wonderful part of a woman's body. Can it get any better than that? To not cum inside something so innocent and beautiful would be a crime. Since I don't want to break any laws I did what came natural and unloaded my foreign sperm deep inside Mauyree's perfect bald pussy. She's #72 on stage right now. Come buy her a drink and she'll let you pet her perfect hairless pussy.
To stop being penniless she must go pantiless

Monday July 9

Check out those massive Asian Boobies! This week’s Asian Creampie video features milf hottie Aom. Aom is a full figured Asian slut with some really big titties and an even bigger appetite for sex. This Thai Amateur wasted no time in getting me to short time her, grabbing my cock as soon as I walked into the bar. I like a girl who wastes no time! I paid the barfine and off we went to the short time room. Aom is well past her teens and into her sexual prime where nothing matters except cock and cum. She proves this theory by instantly sucking my cock, tickling my balls and inserting my boner into her unprotected womb. I fill her pussy deep with my load which temporarily satisfies her cum craving. See more of Aom at Thai Girls Wild

Tuesday July 10
Wednesday July 11
Thursday July 12

Wow, now this is what I call a sexy fucking Thai girl. Meet horny Thai newcummer Janee from Pattaya. She's young, beautiful and has the perfect little slit. I call it a slit because that's exactly what it looks like. A tiny opening that has no wrinkles and is perfect on both sides. Well besides her sexy looks (and perfect pussy) this girl really could fuck. She took a last drag of her cigarette before inviting my cock over to suck. After she smoked my dick for a few minutes, I stood her up, turned her around, and bent her over and fucked her from behind so I can touch that beautiful ass. Then, after several more ass touching positions, I finally got to unleash a whopping gallon of sperm into that amazing little Thai pussy. See more of sexy Janee at Thai Girls Wild!

Friday July 13
Saturday July 14
Sunday July 15

This week's Asian Creampie video features Thai girl Fon. Big gallons of Sperm! That's right, big gallons of sperm are what I dumped inside this amazingly beautiful Thai girl. Fon is a real hottie who loves to party hardy. She's a GoGo dancer (aren't they all?) at one of the top bars in Thailand. I was lucky enough to shoot a wad of my jizz into her willing mouth over at asiansuckdolls.com, but this time I was going to make sure that she was inseminated to the brim. This Thai whore loves taking cock almost as much as sucking it. She's a submissive girl who just sticks her ass like a cat expecting you to do your duty, pump that booty and fill her cunt with man juice. I have a feeling this horny cum slut will definitely be back for another helping of cum. See more at ThaiGirlsWild

Has no objections when asked to provide a sample

Auditions aGoGo is all about the party. We've established ourselves as the #1 GoGo in Pattaya and with three locations packed each and every night, there is no doubt that we dominate the Red Light District. This means that girls from other bars are constantly defecting and wanting to come and work at our bar. Well this week we have another applicant who is tired of being a Doll and wanted to make real money in a real bar. Meet the beautiful and talented Sanouk which means "fun or happy" in Thai language. She's 21 years ago and she has one hell of a body. Gorgeous face, big natural tits, wide hips, and the softest pussy. She simply needs a GoGo stage all to her self. So when she arrived to the interview, I was praying she would be down for a sample run on the casting couch. Sure enough, the power of employment superseded her limitations and soon this stunning beauty was standing buck naked in front of me. After her sexy dance audition, I summoned Sanouk over and offered her an opportunity to show me her sex skills. She accepted my invitation and wrapped her warm wet mouth around my solid cock. Her blowjob felt so good that I needed to think of "dead puppies" and "baseball" to prevent me from shooting so soon. And then it was time to finally enter her little pink slit. It was so small and nubile. It actually doesn't fit her body type at all. She has baby making hips and this tiny vagina ain't pushing anything larger than an egg out of it. It was actually a struggle to enter her as her vaginal walls were so tight. But when I finally was in to the hilt, it was mind blowing. It didn't take me long to cum and when I did, I shot my entire load inside her beautiful mouth. Sanouk slowly spit my stringy jizz out and let it trickle down her tongue and onto her large breasts. She's in the dressing room right now preparing for tonight's opening stage show. The theme: Banana blowjob with whip cream spit for the climax. Hmmmmm now where do I get these ideas from?
Has no objections when asked to provide a sample

Monday July 16
Tuesday July 17
Wednesday July 18

This week’s Creampie episode features Creampie first timer Paen. One night in Bangkok I was at a famous blowjob bar and I met a girl named Paen who became a favorite of mine because she could really suck cock. You know, the kind of girl who really gets into it. It’s like this girl graduated from Bangkok Blowjob university with a PhD is advanced cocksucking theory. Paen was so talented at sucking cock I ended up doing a shoot with her and filling her mouth on camera with my hot load. It's a great scene which you can see exclusively at asiansuckdolls.com. Anyway, I still didn't creampie her, so invited her back over to get a little more of that sucky sucky short time, but this time I got to fill her other money maker with a huge blast of my cum.

Thursday July 19
Friday July 20
Saturday July 21

Hey all you Creampie freaks! Do you know what an Asian S-P-I-N-N-E-R is? Well look below at the 85lb. piece of Asian ass I discovered this week. This week’s Creampie video features sexy fuck toy Nat. We normally define a spinner as a fuck toy that is less than 100lbs and you can basically just sit her on your cock and spin her round n round n round. Let's face it, the fantasy concept of having a HOT rotating pussy just going up n down on your pole til you blast your load deep inside her fuck tunnel is like umm WOW! Well, Nat is definitely a spinner and I was lucky enough to fuck her tiny pussy and fill it with my large load. Nat came into the scene weighing 85lbs, but after the massive internal load she received she now weighs 86lbs!

Sunday July 22
Her only goal is to dance naked on the chrome pole

When you're on Walking Street you see many people working outside the GoGo bars and Discotheques. These people are called "Welcome Staff" and their job is to hold signs that offer promotions and to yell "Welcome" to the thousands of tourists who walk by their establishments nightly. Auditions aGoGo has about 8 Welcome Girls who are usually just teen girls who are brand new to Pattaya and are too damn shy to get on stage naked. Although they're allowed to go with customers, they rarely do, simply because they're scared and their English is very limited. But they are certainly beautiful and they do attract the men into the GoGo. Meet 18 year old welcome girl, Hansa. She just started last month and she does a decent job of welcoming customers. However, the Mamasan recently told me that Hansa is ready to take the plunge into bar and become a dancer. She said she's ready to make the big bucks and wants to audition with me. Well who am I to pass up this opportunity? Hell I'd audition the housekeeping if she was 18 and looked as good as Hansa. So this afternoon my aspirant arrived on time and was ready to show me what she could do. Within minutes, Hansa was fully nude and showing me her young petite body. She then got on stage and just like all young teenagers, she loved to dance. Finally it was time to test the goods and make sure she had what it took to become my newest GoGo dancer. Hansa slobbed my knob like a pro and allowed me to shoot off inside her tender teen mouth as loads of semen dribbled over tongue and onto her nude body. Hansa is no longer a welcome girl, but you are welcome to try her pussy.
Her only goal is to dance naked on the chrome pole

Monday July 23
Tuesday July 24

Coming Jul 24, 2018

Finding long legs on a Thai girl is a rare find in pussy paradise, but this week I got lucky when I met 19 year old Wen. She's a goofy little chick with a bright smile and a set of legs that go on for miles. She strolled around wearing the sexiest little outfit with candy cane leotards that made my mouth drool. Anyways after playing around with her perfect little Asian nips and tight Asian Ass, I got a little humjob before getting her to strip out of her teen dream outfit and bend over the bed ready to get a good fucking. I took advantage of fucking her most delicious body in every possible way imaginable before doing my dirty deed and dumping a week's worth of seminal aggression deep into her shaved Thai Pussy.

Wednesday July 25
Thursday July 26
Friday July 27

Coming Jul 27, 2018

Check out the body on sexy Thai freelancer Pla! When men see a girl walking down the street in a short blue jean skirt, they usually stop, stare, and drool. However, when a girl is wearing hot pink and black striped thigh highs with stilettos heels, that's when they stop, stare, drool, and fucking fall off their motorbikes. Yeah, in most cultures when a hottie is strutting down the street we usually just whistle and act like the over-hormoned tards that we are. But in Thailand, there is actually a chance of fucking this piece of ass. In fact it's as simple as saying to her 'Short Time, 500 Baaaht?' Soon after that she'll be sucking your willy wonka and letting you fuck her until you blow off your load inside her hot wet Asian pussy.

Saturday July 28
Sunday July 29
Eager to do anything for a job starting tonight

Coming Jul 29, 2018

We enter our second phase of recruiting as we're nearly complete with all the projects required to open next week. I've put the word on the streets that our GoGo will pay the highest salaries, so we're starting to see a steady stream of talent stroll in. Today I have a 25 year old girl named Farn who wants to interview for one of our dancer positions. I'm not looking for the best dancers, but certainly require girls who aren't shy and have no problem getting naked on stage. See, I plan to provide a full nude bar so that customers can see every detail of any girl's body prior to choosing one. Farn is only 38kg so she has a wonderful petite frame. She had no problem removing her clothes and sampling her dance moves on our temporary dance stage. When Farn was finished with the performance, I explained exactly what I was looking for from our girls. I told her that we need them to drink alcohol with customers and if asked, they would go short time or long time. Farn understood the premise of a GoGo bar so she had no objections. I then asked her if she could indulge me with a sample of her sexual skills. Immediately Farn removed my cock from my pants and began sucking it very nicely. Then I bent Farn over my office desk and proceeded to enter her shaved pussy without any contraception. I managed to hold off for a few minutes, but once I flipped her over, I lost all control and flooded her sweet pussy with all my squirmy semen. Needless to say, she's been hired!
Eager to do anything for a job starting tonight

Monday July 30

Coming Jul 30, 2018

Thai cum bucket Paen is back by popular demand. Well, I suppose I wanted her back so I could fill her pussy with my cum one more time. She's got the best personality and I have a great time playing around with her perfect Asian nips and shaved cunt. But it's her sexuality that is the biggest turn on. She really enjoys playing and sucking on your cock teasing it until it's ready to burst, then she turns around and shows off her cute Asian butt and shaved Asian twat. It's already wet so your cock slides in with ease and next thing you know you're buried to the hilt. It's not long after that I'm pounding into her beautiful pussy and unleashing my load deep inside her unprotected womb. Will we see Paen for round 3? Count on it!

Tuesday July 31
Wednesday July 1
Thursday July 2
Friday July 3
Saturday July 4