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Sunday January 30
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Once in a while, you get lucky and find a girl who isn't the typical Asian bar girl, yet still, possess the appetite for sex like your local Go-Go slut. Som is 21 years old and is a really smart noodle. She has already graduated college with a degree in something that doesn't make any money and is trying to earn some extra cash to pay for her frequent visits to the shopping mall. I must admit that this girl was one of the best fucks I've had in a long time. You can see in the video how she slowly sucks my cock while twiddling her twat. Her pussy is hairless and my cock eases in smoothly pumping her Asian vagina like there's no tomorrow. I bent her over the table doggie and fucked her cunt until I filled it with so much cum that it dripped out for eternity. Now that's an education!

Thursday January 3
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Check out those massive Asian Boobies! This week's Asian Creampie video features milf hottie Aom. Aom is a full figured Asian slut with some really big titties and an even bigger appetite for sex. This Thai Amateur wasted no time in getting me to short time her, grabbing my cock as soon as I walked into the bar. I like a girl who wastes no time! I paid the barfine and off we went to the short time room. Aom is well past her teens and into her sexual prime where nothing matters except cock and cum. She proves this theory by instantly sucking my cock, tickling my balls and inserting my boner into her unprotected womb. I fill her pussy deep with my load which temporarily satisfies her cum craving.

Sunday January 6
Needs fast cash and knows just how to get it

A good mamasan is hard to find, and I'm lucky to have found three quality ones. However with a new GoGo I'm in need of one more. As I interview for bar staff, service girls, front door staff, and mamas, I do have time to cast for the most important feature in the club, a GoGo Dancer. Today I'm happy to introduce to you a great looking girl named Nittaya. She can't speak a lick of English so it was a very short interview. Instead of wasting valuable time answering my silly questions, Nittaya began removing her sexy outfit. I thought it was stunning that she arrived wearing what already looked like a GoGo outfit from another bar. I motioned her over to the stage and turned on the music. Sure enough Nittaya had all the experience necessary to be our next GoGo dancer. When she came down from the stage I got out of my seat and went to greet her at the casting couch. I had Nittaya lie back on the sofa and expose her hairless cunt. It was beautiful and I couldn't wait to dive balls deep into it. My cock was aching for attention so Nittaya began sucking on it long and hard. Finally I got my wish and entered Nittaya's pink pussy completely bareback. I managed to hold off for as long as I could until finally blasting my load deep inside her wet pussy. Who needs to know English when you can suck dick?
Needs fast cash and knows just how to get it

Monday January 7
Tuesday January 8

Wow, now this is what I call a sexy fucking Thai girl. Meet horny Thai newcummer Janee from Pattaya. She's young, beautiful and has the perfect little slit. I call it a slit because that's exactly what it looks like. A tiny opening that has no wrinkles and is perfect on both sides. Well besides her sexy looks (and perfect pussy) this girl really could fuck. She took the last drag of her cigarette before inviting my cock over to suck. After she smoked my dick for a few minutes, I stood her up, turned her around, and bent her over and fucked her from behind so I can touch that beautiful ass. Then, after several more ass touching positions, I finally got to unleash a whopping gallon of sperm into that amazing little Thai pussy.

Wednesday January 9
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This week's Asian Creampie video features Thai girl Fon. Big gallons of Sperm! That's right, big gallons of sperm is what I dumped inside this amazingly beautiful Thai girl. Fon is a real hottie who loves to party hardy. She's a GoGo dancer (aren't they all?) at one of the top bars in Thailand. I was lucky enough to shoot a wad of my jizz into her willing mouth over at asiansuckdolls.com, but this time I was going to make sure that she was inseminated to the brim. This Thai whore loves taking cock almost as much as sucking it. She's a submissive girl who just sticks her ass like a cat expecting you to do your duty, pump that booty and fill her cunt with man juice. I have a feeling this horny cum slut will definitely be back for another helping of cum.

Saturday January 12
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Monday January 14

This week's Creampie episode features Creampie first timer Paen. One night in Bangkok I was at a famous blowjob bar and I met a girl named Paen who became a favorite of mine because she could really suck cock. You know, the kind of girl who really gets into it. It's like this girl graduated from Bangkok Blowjob university with a Ph.D. in advanced cocksucking theory. Paen was so talented at sucking cock I ended up doing a shoot with her and filling her mouth on camera with my hot load. It's a great scene which you can see exclusively at asiansuckdolls.com. Anyway, I still didn't creampie her, so invited her back over to get a little more of that sucky sucky short time, but this time I got to fill her other money maker with a huge blast of my cum.

Tuesday January 15
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Thursday January 17

Hey, all you Creampie freaks! Do you know what an Asian S-P-I-N-N-E-R is? Well, look below at the 85lb. a piece of Asian ass I discovered this week. This week's Creampie video features sexy fuck toy, Nat. We normally define a spinner as a fuck toy that is less than 100lbs and you can basically just sit her on your cock and spin her round n round n round. Let's face it, the fantasy concept of having a HOT rotating pussy just going up n down on your pole till you blast your load deep inside her fuck tunnel is like umm WOW! Well, Nat is definitely a spinner and I was lucky enough to fuck her tiny pussy and fill it with my large load. Nat came into the scene weighing 85lbs, but after the massive internal load she received, she now weighs 86lbs!

Friday January 18
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Sunday January 20

Coming Jan 20, 2019

Finding long legs on a Thai girl is a rare find in pussy paradise, but this week I got lucky when I met 19-year-old Wen. She's a goofy little chick with a bright smile and a set of legs that go on for miles. She strolled around wearing the sexiest little outfit with candy cane leotards that made my mouth drool. Anyways after playing around with her perfect little Asian nips and tight Asian Ass, I got a little humjob before getting her to strip out of her teen dream outfit and bend over the bed ready to get a good fucking. I took advantage of fucking her most delicious body in every possible way imaginable before doing my dirty deed and dumping a week's worth of seminal aggression deep into her shaved Thai Pussy.

She gets really frisky when she drinks her whisky

Coming Jan 20, 2019

The last time I was in a GoGo I was annoyed with their customer service and girls selection. It was so poor that I told my friends that I would design and build my own GoGo and personally interview each position required to run the business. Of course this meant I would be casting for the dancers too. It's important to me to know what I'm buying before I buy it. I like to squeeze the fruit before I purchase it. Don't you? So if I can employ the hottest girls from Issarn to come work in my GoGo Bar, then we will certainly be the best. Waen is a pretty girl with a great smile and a nice skin tone. She is 20 years old and has been in Pattaya for one week. Part of her audition is to get on stage and show me her dance moves. It's really not that important, but it's a good way to get them naked, exposed, and over their fear. I like to break them in nice and slow, however, I do move fast to get in their panties. They all have insecurities, so the faster I tell them they're beautiful, the quicker I can fuck them. And if their first experience is a good one, they'll be more willing to do it again....hopefully with you. Waen was approved immediately after I shot my seed directly into her vagina. As she stood up, the cum dripped out of her pussy and I said to her "You can start tonight". She's completely nude in the jacuzzi tub right now.
She gets really frisky when she drinks her whisky

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Coming Jan 23, 2019

Check out the body on sexy Thai freelancer Pla! When men see a girl walking down the street in a short blue jean skirt, they usually stop, stare, and drool. However, when a girl is wearing hot pink and black striped thigh highs with stilettos heels, that's when they stop, stare, drool, and fucking fall off their motorbikes. Yeah, in most cultures when a hottie is strutting down the street we usually just whistle and act like the over-hormoned tards that we are. But in Thailand, there is actually a chance of fucking this piece of ass. In fact, it's as simple as saying to her 'Short Time, 500 Baaaht?' Soon after that she'll be sucking your willy wonka and letting you fuck her until you blow off your load inside her hot wet Asian pussy.

Thursday January 24
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Coming Jan 26, 2019

Thai cum bucket Paen is back by popular demand. Well, I suppose I wanted her back so I could fill her pussy with my cum one more time. She's got the best personality and I have a great time playing around with her perfect Asian nips and shaved cunt. But it's her sexuality that is the biggest turn on. She really enjoys playing and sucking on your cock teasing it until it's ready to burst, then she turns around and shows off her cute Asian butt and shaved Asian twat. It's already wet so your cock slides in with ease and next thing you know you're buried to the hilt. It's not long after that I'm pounding into her beautiful pussy and unleashing my load deep inside her unprotected womb. Will we see Paen for round 3? Count on it!

Sunday January 27
From convenient store to convenient whore

Coming Jan 27, 2019

People say I exploit women and I usually say "listen Mom, these girls choose their profession". They know the difference between a job at a convenient store and the profession of a floozy. So if a woman knows very well that she will get fucked by a total stranger for hard cash money, why doesn't she have the right to choose that road. I'm definitely not a PIMP, but I can see myself being one on TV. But while everyone debates this controversial venue, I will be busy casting the next hottest dame that walks through that door. Knock Knock. Well look what the pussy cat dragged in. Her name is Ittiporn and she's 22 years old. I really shouldn't be interviewing her because she's my spec which means I should plant a rock on her finger and call it a day. This babe is a woman, with gorgeous baby making hips. Her smile lit up the room and her dancing made vibrations in my trousers. When Ittiporn finally made her way to my cock, it was all over for me. I sank my rod deep into her wet cunt and she moaned like a Japanese whore in a porn video which got me so excited that I finally came in her cute mouth. She spit for me, but she might swallow for you.
From convenient store to convenient whore

Monday January 28
Tuesday January 29

Coming Jan 29, 2019

This week's CreampieThais video features a familiar face. Her Asian Hotness Fon is back for another creampie. I just can't get enough of this beautiful girl. This time she was wearing some styling shades that just added the sexual appeal to her already gorgeous face. Her sexy little GoGo outfit had me rock hard which she obviously took notice and dropped to her knees to start sucking my cock. Then I bent her over a countertop and sank my wiener between her tiny Asian buns and began pumping in and out of her tight pussy. After that, she rode my cock for a few minutes so I could feel that wet cunt pump up and down my shaft. Finally, I took her to a nearby bed and drilled her cunt until I exploded all my jizz inside of her. This is a great creampie!

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