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February 2018
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This week’s CreampieThais video features a familiar face. Her Asian Hotness Fon is back for another creampie. I just can't get enough of this beautiful girl. This time she was wearing some styling shades that just added the sexual appeal to her already gorgeous face. Her sexy little GoGo outfit had me rock hard which she obviously took notice and dropped to her knees to start sucking my cock. Then I bent her over a counter top and sank my wiener between her tiny Asian buns and began pumping in and out of her tight pussy. After that she rode my cock for a few minutes so I could feel that wet cunt pump up and down my shaft. Finally, I took her to a nearby bed and drilled her cunt until I exploded all my jizz inside of her. This is a great creampie! See more at Thai Girls Wild

Sunday February 4
Is this the place to find a rich foreigner husband?

As the demands for more dancers are voiced, I return to the casting couch to audition more ladies. At the door today is 21 yr old Jaidee. She's a whole lot of women and I'm certain she loves the cock. Jaidee removed her dress and exposed a strong and wonderful physique. Jaidee was built for fucking and today I was going to acknowledge that fact. She was quite shy as she got on stage for the very first time. Many of these girls are very shy to dance in front of strangers and prefer dancing the horizontal mambo. When she was done cavorting about the stage, I had Jaidee kneel down in front of me and motioned to pull out my cock. She yearned for cock as she milked my dick with her hand and sloshed her tongue across my helmet. When I bent Jaidee over, she was the perfect height for me to enter her pussy. Without reluctance I pushed the tip of my cock into her impregnable pussy. She then gave me a ride of a lifetime on the casting couch before I finally spewed my entire load directly into her belly. Approved and Recommended!
Is this the place to find a rich foreigner husband?

Monday February 5
Tuesday February 6

Fantasizing lately about a cute Asian schoolgirl in pigtails sucking your cock? How about her letting you blow your wad deep in her tiny teen cunt? Well you sick freaks, I've got a new episode for you to watch. Check out CreampieThais newest Thai honey named Nuk. Yes, we all need a little 'Nuk-kie' in our lives and this sweet cum receptacle is just begging to be filled with man seed. I get a little bath tub action going on in this episode with her big eyes looking right up as she devours my cock. We then splashed around in several positions until I felt my sperm factory go into full motion for the big blast which flooded Nuk's pussy. Nuk’s been a bad student, and the only justifiable “punishment” is a load deep in her schoolgirl pussy!

Wednesday February 7
Thursday February 8
Friday February 9

As many of you know, I try to recruit some of Thailand's sexiest little teen tramps to creampie. However, I've been flirting around with some older bar girls lately and I may be hooked. Gon is a sex-crazed 29 year old beer bar waitress who was horny from the get-go. I pay the bar fine and we were on our merry way. Once, back at my place, Gon didn't waste anytime getting what she was after. She was all over my cock, licking it, sucking it, gazing at it. I just laid there in amazement as she did all the work. It's quite nice to have a woman know exactly what a man likes. I bet she must have worked the bars for many years. Imagine how many loads her pussy must have taken. Well today it was my turn to bust a wad deep inside her bald Asian pussy!

Saturday February 10
Sunday February 11
Farmer's daughter with dreams of the high life

It's a lovely day in Sunny Pattaya and I'm off to work early because I have a young woman by the name of Keao coming in for an interview. Kaeo is 19 years old and she is a stunner. Personally I feel she has the eyes of a very famous porn star named Nautica Thorn. In fact I believe she very well might be her long lost Thai sister or cousin. Either way, Kaeo was here and she was about to get naked and get on the stage to show her native courting dance moves. I don't think I blinked the entire time she worked that GoGo pole. When she was through, Kaeo knelt in front of me and proceeded to suck my cock with her mouth while using her hands to unbutton my business shirt. How sexy and sensual is that? Only a talented woman can multitask with a cock in her mouth. My dick was so hard and my balls were fueling up with a season's worth of semen. I managed to fuck Kaeo on the office desk and over on the casting couch for a good while before finally delivering a jolt of jizz towards her tonsils. She sat up and spit my entire load down her chin. Every girl has a numbered tag for organizational purposes. I've been saving the #1 tag for a long time. Kaeo is #1 on stage tonight.
Farmer's daughter with dreams of the high life

Monday February 12

Well lookie what we have here. Now this is truly a Thai goddess! Boy oh boy we're lucky lucky to get sucky and fucky for a few bucky. Her name is Oy and she's a real Asian Fuck Doll from Pattaya, Thailand. She's most likely 38 kilos with a body that was sculpted by the Creampie Gods. Oh thank you, your Internalness! Now, what to do, where to start, I think I'll touch her ass...ahhh, palm sized! This is a great Creampie scene with this Thai Go Go dancer. I bounce her feather weight body up and down my shaft, then roll her over doggie style and pump her rump until I shoot a massive load inside her little cunt. Get it while it's hot man, you won't see this Asian girl anywhere else but CreampieThais!

Tuesday February 13
Wednesday February 14
Thursday February 15

Pin is a tiny little fuck doll I met in a go-go bar in Phuket. 19 years old, beautiful long hair, a sweet smile and of course a bangin body! Besides being a gorgeous Thai Teen, Pin is an expert Asian cocksucker. She starts out shy, but soon was licking my cock with her pierced tongue. Talk about technique, this girl knew exactly what she was doing! The way she twirled her tongue around my member almost made me blow it right there! But alas, my load had one destination and one destination only: her sweet and shaved Asian Vag! I fuck her tiny hairless Thai pussy every which way to Bangkok. Listen to her submissive squeal as I pump my potent load into her belly down and ass up. Tune in again next week to see another fresh Asian teen getting her teen pussy Creampied only at Creampie Thais!

Friday February 16
Saturday February 17
Sunday February 18

This weeks Creampie Thais episode features M, a GoGo dancer from Bangkok. M is a fucking HOT little Thai whore. Tiny little ass, perfect titties and sweet chocolate nipples. I saw M dancing on stage, shaking that sweet little brown ass and knew I had to pound it. I finish my drink, pay the barfine and we're off! Back at my room I take a look at her naturally hairless pussy. This girl has never shaved a day in her life! Amazing! Within a few minutes I have her tea-bagging my nuts and slobbering all over my cock. M rides my cock three ways to Sunday, trying to milk cum into her innocent purple pussy. After dropping my load in her, she lays back and displays her cream filled pussy for the world to see. After such a fantastic fuck, its going to be hard not to bring this girl back for seconds! Check out the movie now!

To get the job she slobs my knob

As I stumble into the office with a little bit of a hangover, I remember that I have an appointment with a new dancer. With a blast of cold water to my face I sober up enough to welcome a young girl named Prisana. She's relatively new and wants a job working as a cocktail server. I explained that those positions were filled, but offered her a job as a dancer. Prisana, needing money, agreed to be interviewed for a dancer position. I asked her to remove her clothes and show off her body. Once she was naked I asked her to give me a demo of her dancing on stage. I chuckled as I thought to myself that she'll either be serving cocktails or servicing cock. When Prisana was finished with her audition I had her provide one more demo of sucking my schlong. It was a wonderful blowjob as the warmth of her mouth sent sensations to my hazed brain. I then fucked Prisana on the casting couch without a condom and shot my potent load directly in the depths of her shaved pussy. She was employed instantly and is on the floor tonight servicing anything that pays!
To get the job she slobs my knob

Monday February 19
Tuesday February 20
Wednesday February 21

This week's Thai Creampie video features Nuch, a 20 year old bar girl from Bangkok. "Fresh" is the best way to describe this Thai piece of ass. I must be like the 3rd person to ever fuck this girl. How did I land this one? Luck and a lot of tequila! Back at the short time room Nuch strips nude and shows off her naughty bits. After tickling Nuch's Thai twat, it was time to have her show me her blowjob skills and boy she did not disappoint! Nuch had this magical ability to "charm the snake" from my trousers. It's like there's a blowjob university somewhere in Thailand that all Thai girls must attend! If there's one thing I know its that Nuch will make some Thai politician a great wife someday, but until then she'll learn the ropes' from licking my balls, riding my cock, and taking my white load deep in her slanted pussy.

Thursday February 22
Friday February 23
Saturday February 24

Feast your eyes on 18 year old Noon ( yes she’s really 18 ). I think this slut is named "Noon" because anyone would fuck her Thai pussy til' noon the next day! I met Noon in a Pattaya gogo and after two minutes of small talk I knew I wanted to blow my load inside of her. So without any hesitation, we go up to the short time room above and get down to business. Watching Noon’s tiny brown ass bounce on my cock from the ceiling and side mirrors was pure heaven. Not only are the girls pornstar quality, but so are the short time rooms heheh. When she bends over, her pussy and asshole are totally exposed! I blew the BIGGEST fuckin' load in Noon's pussy. As cum drips out of her hairless twat and over her tiny asshole, I think, "What a wonderful world." Then I think, "Is this bitch on the pill?". Want to see more of Noon? Visit Thai Girls Wild!

Sunday February 25
Tequila and lime will make her go short time

Well this girl is the holy grail of hotness. The mamasan told me she had something special for me today. I wasn't sure what the surprise was, so I went about my day as normal. At 2pm the candidate arrived and I was shocked and a little bit in love. Her name is Balloon and her gorgeous looks blew me away. As my head swelled with thoughts of the money I could earn, my trousers swelled with thoughts of dirty raw sex with her. If I can get this girl to work in the bar, we will need a bigger bar. Perhaps I'm exaggerating, but I must elaborate on how beautiful this Thai vixen is. Balloon was a Coyote at another GoGo but when you're wearing the same outfit as the other pretty girls, it's hard to stand out. I think Balloon knows the best way to get attention, get customers, get drinks, and get bar-fined is to show of what Momma gave her and you can only do that at full nude clubs. Her interview was all smiles. Her dancing was spot on. And when I finally came inside this girl's pussy, somewhere an Angel got it's wings. From a sub-par Coyote bar to Superstar. Balloon is the girl you'll first see when you enter GoGo Bar Auditions as you won't turn around to leave after seeing her. Her bar fine is the same price as the rest as I don't gouge my customer's wallets. Enjoy her while she lasts, but you better hurry.
Tequila and lime will make her go short time

Monday February 26
Tuesday February 27

Coming Feb 27, 2018

This week’s CreampieThais episode features 22 year old Jenny from Pattaya. Now while Jenny is a tiny lil thing standing at only 5’1”, she truly represents the old saying “good things come in small packages”. In fact the only thing on Jenny that isn’t small are those heavenly breasts. Jenny has some of the BIGGEST NATURAL TITS you will ever see on a Thai girl! They definitely grab your attention, especially considering she has such a petite frame. I fuck Jenny from behind and play with those heavy handfuls. I dump my future Creampie offspring into her shaved pussy. As Jenny giggles, her fuck hole pushes the semen out and over her tiny asshole. She finger fucks her slick, cumfilled hole and tastes my salty family. Be on the lookout for more scenes of this gorgeous Thai Fucking Machine!

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