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Talk about whoppers! Jee is only 18 and already she has 36DDD's. Once I laid eyes on this Asian Teen Goddess I had to inseminate her. I know it's probably wrong to just pick up Thai teenagers, make them suck your dick, then fuck their cunt until you unleash the baby batter of life.....but don't worry, there's plenty of milk in those puppies to feed the future offspring! Seriously these Asian tits are ALL natural, the kind you want to rev up the motorboat for! I could have spent the entire video just playing with those massive mammaries, but alas a Creampie was in the future for Jee. After titty fucking those natural wonders, I pounded Jee's naturally hairless pussy and filled her with a gallon of cum. Great girl, Great scene, Great creampie! Definitely be on the lookout for more of Thai teenager Jee!

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This week's Thai porn video features 21-year-old Poppy from Bangkok. I found Poppy in a really sexy pair of black shorts sitting outside of a popular shopping mall on Sukhumvit. While I was walking by, I was lucky enough to catch her attention and she smiled and called me over. After some small talk, Poppy and her friend agreed to come back to my hotel and get to fucking. Back at the hotel, I had Thai amateur Poppy strip completely nude and show off her hairless Asian pussy. After a heavenly blowjob from one of the most inviting mouths in Asia, it was time to pound! Her friend was willing to hold the camera for a few minutes while I pounded Poppy's prime Asian pussy. Not bad work from the camera girl and Poppy's tight cunt was all I needed to unload my nut!

She seeks Enjoyment with GoGo Bar Employment

Well a third GoGo is in the works and it's gonna be amazing. The success of Auditions aGoGo has been tremendous and it's the right time to expand. Hey when you're hot, you're hot! In the meantime I still have a casting couch with no one on it. That's about to change with the presence of a wild child named Dara. She has SEX written all over here. I mean there has to be a Thai dictionary out there and next to the word มีเพศสัมพันธ์ (Sex) is a photo of Dara. We were immediately attracted to one another and I was excited to see what Dara was capable of. Sure enough she was a blowjob expert and even loves to lick ass. Yes, Rimjob is on the menu tonight and it's on sale. Dara was ever so eager to pump my cock and get me off. But I needed to test her pussy first. I bent her over the office desk and fucked her warm pussy bareback. She then gave me a nice ride on the sofa and then ate my ass again. This girl is going places! When my balls were ready, I delivered several nice jets of cum right inside her mouth and watched her swallow it all down. Uhhhh, welcome to Audition's aGoGo....here's your tag!
She seeks Enjoyment with GoGo Bar Employment

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Coming Apr 8, 2020

Oom is an energetic Asian go-go dancer who is very friendly and mentioned she's always wanted to be in front of the camera. Really? Well, I could definitely help with that! But instead of modeling clothes, she was going to be modeling that sweet Asian ass for the entire world to see. She's a bit shy but still loves to show off her ass. After Oom stripped nude and showed off her sexy assets, it was time to cop a feel of her perfect Asian frame. A camera in one hand and Oom's breasts in another, I definitely had my hands full. After groping Oom's naughty bits it was time to pound that prime pussy into next Tuesday. I blast a load of sperm deep into Oom's Thai pussy and tell her the model contract will be in the mail. Who knew the modeling bit would work? lol.

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Coming Apr 11, 2020

This 20-year-old Thai fuck toy is named Kung and she is very cute when she is smiling, laughing, or sucking my cock. Her tight body was perfect for touching, fingering, and fucking and sure enough, I did all three! Kung is a freelancer who I met at a disco late one night. A few beers and Kung was ready to go back to my room for the finale. My guess is that she's had some experience with smoking the pole and riding the pony since it didn't take me long to do what she's probably used to.....cum in her fucking pussy! That's just how I like em here at Creampie Thais, young, horny and ready to fuck! After injecting Kung's Thai love hole with my ramrod it was time to give Kung exactly what she had been asking for: a creamy load deep in her Pussy!

Sunday April 12
Dressed to impress she has no idea what's next

Coming Apr 12, 2020

Welcome back to our newest and biggest bar yet. Auditions aGoGo has expanded for a third time, fulfilling my dream of a threesome. But alas I think I've reached my management potential as running bars is quite tiresome. Of course I could hire someone else to interview all these girls and make sure their pussies are nice and wet. But who in the world would give up a dream job like that? So now I'm in the new office early and my schedule is slammed with interviews. My first interview in the club is with a young girl named Annie. She has a great pair of tits on her, which she easily exposes to me, and a beautiful hairless vagina. She was decent on the dance pole but as I've said before, the real interview is deep inside her pussy. My cock was fully erect as her mouth and tongue made its away around the tip. My balls aching to release their sperm but I had to hold off until I felt her insides. When I entered Annie's bare cunt the sensation was, well sensational and it wasn't long before I felt the urge to blow. And blow I did. A weeks' worth of robust, baby-making sperm planted deep inside Annie's lovely womb. There is no que for this one as it's her first night, so come on down and check out our Grand Opening specials.
Dressed to impress she has no idea what's next

Monday April 13
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Coming Apr 14, 2020

This week's Creampie Thais porn video features one of the tiniest models we've ever featured. Meet Aee, at only 34 Kilos, Aee is the smallest, most petite Asian girl I've ever seen. Her tiny body was so small that my cock had finally reached pornstar status. Well, at least for the 15 minutes it took to fuck this amazingly small girl in several positions before emptying my wad deep inside her hairless Teen pussy. I met Aee in a beer bar and after a few adult beverages, Aee agreed to come back to my place for a short time fuck session. One look at this girl and you can't help but want to feed her something, and that's exactly what I did. Aee munched on a healthy dose of cock and balls and finally gained a little weight after I injected her with a pound and half of my sperm.

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Coming Apr 17, 2020

Meet this week's Creampie Thais model, her name is Ann and she comes to us from Pattaya, Thailand. 20-year-old Ann has an amazing Asian look with very thick dark hair that contours her face beautifully. Her body is also small and tight with cute round tits that fit in your palm perfectly. Her sexy smile shoots right through you when you catch her eye, and you feel that familiar urge telling you to bar fine this young Thai whore and proceed to fuck and fill her hole with your built up man cum. Well, I'm sure Ann gets that a lot because she loves to stare! Back at the room I strip Ann completely nude and admire her perfect Asian frame. After playing with her perfect Asian nipples I bend Ann over and penetrate that pussy doggy style. A few minutes of poundage and I was ready to blow a massive load deep into Ann's inviting pussy!

Saturday April 18
Sunday April 19
Will make you cum for some monthly income

Coming Apr 19, 2020

Once again the bar is packed as we entertain thousands of guest nightly. Our shows are top notch, our whiskey is always stocked, and our girls are eager to keep the party going. My job starts way before we open. Inventory, maintenance, payroll, and of course human resources. Funny name for what I do, isn't it? The newest applicant has a giant clit. Her name is Nongnuch and she's very petite with a giant clit. Her face is cute and she has very big luscious lips .... and a giant clit. I know some of you are really into giant clits so Nongnuch is a rare find and certainly a nice treat. I was eager to interview her but her English was limited which makes the game of charades entertaining. In fact the only English she understood was "remove your clothes" and "suck on this" :-P. No no, I'm nicer than that, but she did in fact 'suck on it' and while she did my head filled with pleasure. Nongnuch has the biggest bulbous lips and the mere sight of them wrapped around the head of my cock brought me near the boiling point. Luckily I held off long enough to dip my stick inside her lovely slick pussy. I fucked Nongnuch's little body until I finished off inside her, then pulling out and watching my potent semen pour out. I hired her immediately and if you come down to the club right now, just look for the girl on stage with the......giant clit!
Will make you cum for some monthly income

Monday April 20

Coming Apr 20, 2020

This week's Creampie Thais episode features 20-year-old Thai cutie Par from Bangkok. After fucking girls from Nana Plaza and Patpong, it was time to hit up the cowboy - Soi Cowboy. Par caught my attention on the go-go stage because of her appealing look and her quite different attitude. Her dance moves were energetic and could easily mimic any of today's MTV divas. But it was her perfect Asian ass which made me want to take her home and fuck the daylights out of her. However, it wasn't until the next day when we got to hook up and this small Asian girl definitely lived up to my expectations, especially when she told me I could only cum in her mouth, then at the point of climax, changed her mind and told me to unload in her pussy. Your wish is my command my darling Par!

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Coming Apr 23, 2020

This week's Creampie Thais episode features teen babe Poom. You can never go wrong in a Soi short time bar. You walk in, have a beer, pick a piece of ass you want to pound, pay the barfine, go up to the short time room, pound and repeat. Ahh, it's a magical process that gives me wood every time I think about it. I met cum dumpster Poom on one of my recent visits and she did not disappoint! This Thai whore's only skill is to service cock, which is the only skill I was interested in at the moment. Poom's pussy is a favorite of mine. I love it when a girl opens her petite little legs wide, and her pussy opens too. It's like her pussy is trying to coax a cock inside. And Poom's little Asian slit does just that. She is begging for the cum inside. When I asked her if she was on the pill, she just gave me a puzzled look.

Friday April 24
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Coming Apr 26, 2020

I think I've found her - the Asian J-Lo! This week's Creampie Thais episode features a Thai girl with booty! 18-year-old Lek is an adorable Asian teen who wants to get married. Barely 18 years only, she creates a video introduction explaining all her domestic skills and her ability to give her future husband sex every day. She hopes that the video will find her a nice old man to take care of her and her family. In the meantime, I test her sucky sucky skills and boom boom abilities and proceed to give her first experience of child conception by filling her pussy with my own cream. With a rotund Asian ass like that, Lek is going to make some man VERY happy one day. But for today, it was my cock that was in pure bliss as it penetrated one of the nicest asses in Thailand!

I'm here for the interview because my rent is due

Coming Apr 26, 2020

Last night one of my showgirls introduced me to a lovely young lady. Her name is Sandy and she's very petite and very cute. I generally can't do interviews in the evening as the club requires my attention, so I scheduled her casting for today. I hate to pass up on something so adorable but my dedication is to the bar and my priority is to ensure customer's needs are well taken care of. I can't be balls deep inside a candidate tender wet pussy when the staff needs my attention. Dedication people!....hehe. The following day I was excited as I couldn't wait to see Sandy again. When she finally arrived, she looked even more hotter than I remembered. Her personality was spot on and when she showed me her little body, my heart skipped a beat and there was a tremor in my pants. What stood in front of me, completely nude, was the most adorable body ever. Sandy was hiding the ultimate fuck doll package, equipped with perky nipples and a shaved pussy. When she turned around, she revealed her finest asset; a perfectly shaped bubble butt. She almost has the body of a sexy Japanese AV model. When I asked her to dance for me on the GoGo pole, Sandy obliged and gave me a wonderful performance. I already knew I would be hiring her, but why not test the merchandise first, right? I'm so happy I did because Sandy gave me the most wonderful GFE ever. Her strong legs powered an ultimate cowgirl ride which nearly made me cum twice. I struggled not to explode as I wanted to fuck her body more. When I was finally ready, I blasted the biggest and healthiest load of sperm deep inside Sandy's pussy. This girl will be married in a week. Hurry down to the bar to meet Sandy. and make sure your marriage proposal is a good one.
I'm here for the interview because my rent is due

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Coming Apr 29, 2020

Feast your eyes on our newest Creampie Thais model: Panida This Thai teen is a 19-year-old Asian nympho who I met at a popular disco club. After dancing for less than a minute, Panida asks if she can come back with me, I respond "only If you let me drop a load in your pussy", to which Panida nodded yes. So off we went to a short time room across the street and I waste no time with small talk. Off with the clothes and in with the cock. After a quick sample of Panida's oral services it was time to pound some pussy, and how sweet a pussy it was! Panida had just moved to Bangkok from up North and got a new tattoo as a symbol of her new life. Before she has a chance to think about it, I leave my load deep inside her DNA dumpster and possibly leave with another 'reminder.'

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